Instructions of use:

Basic analysis to obtain the most probable winner consists on four steps. Additionally, you can compare results with a real casino, this options helps to decide to bet or not to bet. Besides, you can go further and utilize the advance calculation to refine results.


  1. 1) Choose the sport you want to analyze.
  2. 2) Write the name of the teams.
  3. 3) Search for data of each team. There are a lot of web sites dedicated to sports statistics. The data can consider results from last year, last season or the whole history of the team, depending on your strategy.
  4. 4) Press Go!

  5. 5) Results are displayed. The winning probabilities of each team and how casino should paid the bets are shown.
  6. 6) You can adjust the results with an scale from zero to ten. Zero means -I think it is impossible to happen- and ten means -I think it will happen."
  7. 7) The most suitable winner is presented.

  8. Kelly's criterion (optional):

  9. 8) Enter the real casino payouts, and the money you would like to bet.
  10. 9) Press Kelly!
  11. 10) The adequated percentage to bet and the money you should bet is presented. BET OR NOT BET IS UP TO YOU!

  12. Advance (optional):

  13. 11) If you want to perform an advance analysis, press Advance!
  14. 12) Search for data of each team. You will need more specific information.
  15. 13) Press Go!

  16. 14) Advance results are presented. You can also adjust these results based on your knowledge.
  17. 15) Taking into account advance analysis, the most suitable winner is presented. Sometimes is the same winner than in basic analysis, sometimes not.
  18. 16) Graphic results are shown.

  19. The Main idea is to calculte your own probabilities, adjust results based on your knowledge, compare results with casino payouts and pick up a winner!.

Think twice, bet once, win a lot of money.