Instructions of use:

This app has three basic features. It is very important to practice a lot of times before you go to a real casino. You can practice for free in the 3D Roulette.


  1. 1) Choose the roulette type.
  2. 2) Set the alarms for repeated numbers. The app will look for delay on any kind of external bet such as:red/black,high/low,even/odd,dozens/columns.
  3. 3) Enter the casino parameters such as maximum and minimum bets.
  4. 4) Press the roulette button.

  5. Calculate all probabilities.

  6. 5) Enter data from the roulette. The more data you enter, the better results you will get. I personally recomend to enter at least 15 numbers.
    Button "go! 20" re-computes the last 20 numbers.
    Button "IB" changes the special bet presented in the tabs (step 6).
  7. 6) Results are displayed in three different sections.
    -A graphic which shows the numbers appeared.
    -5 tabs with all the numbers ordered from the highest probability to the lowest.
    -A text panel, where important information about the game is presented (repeated numbers, delay numbers and last numbers).
    With this data you can take a better decision about you roulette bets. BET OR NOT BET IS UP TO YOU!

  8. Progressions:

  9. 7) Choose the progression type.
  10. 8) Choose the bet type.
  11. 9) Enter the money you have and the inital bet. In some progressions you may have to define a sequence.
  12. 10) Press "manage" and the app computes the bets you have to make. The button will change text to "deactivate", press it if you want to finish the progression.
    Once a progression is started, you have to continue entering roulette numbers and following instructions about how to bet. Please remember: BET OR NOT BET IS UP TO YOU!

  13. Your own bet:

  14. 11) Choose "Simple probability" tab.
  15. 12) Select your bets and how much you would like to bet for each one. Press the button "Add or Delete" to aggregate or erase a bet.
    You can add all the bets you want and the app will tell you if it is an adequate bet.
  16. 13) Enter the money that you have.
  17. 14) You have 4 options:
    -Best moment: The app will look for a delay and will tell you when to bet.
    -Auto bet: You have to make your bet (the one from step 12). If you lose, the app will tell you how increment your bet to obtain profits in the next spin. If you win, the process star again. Please note that some bets can considerable increment the amount to bet.
    -Moment and bet: This is the combination of the two buttons above. first the app will look for a good momento to bet, then the progressions starts.
    -Manual bet: This function allows changing bets in any time you want. The app recalculates the money you need to bet to obtain profits.
    All the information about your bet is displayed. You can use this function as an roulette odd calculator.

Wait. Before go to make a bet, you should practice a lot until you learn to use the app. Before bet, be sure what you are going to do. You can practice for free in the 3D Roulette.

Think twice, bet once, win a lot of money.