Is not annoying when you are following a bet progression and you lose count of the bets?

Some years ago, before start a betting session, I used to write down on a paper sheet (or in a spreadsheet) my bet progressions. However, some times I lost the count of my bets, and I did not make money at all.

The problem with writing the bet progressions is that it does not contain all the neccessary information. I did not know when to stop or when my money was in danger.

So, I realize that the secret of success during a betting session is to plan, motorize and know how to react. In order to do that, I developed an algorithm that allows making those things at the same time. I recovered all the money lost in casino bets.

I designed this app only for me. But I realized that it can be useful for another gamblers. Although, the app is based on a very known progressions (basically martingale), monitoring and having an scope of action are fundamental to win a bet.

Win a bet is no difficult, anyone can do it. The hard part is to know how to manage the bet to obtain profits and to know when to stop during a losing streak. Betting with a good plan the probabilities of win are clearly increased.

This app is based on simple progressions, that are very easy to follow for any kind of bet, mainly for roulette bets. The only data needed is the bet type, casino limits (minimum and maximum bet), and the money you want to bet (initial bet and available money. To improve your bet, the app displays the total tries attempts you have, how to bet step by step until obtain profits and before reach casino limits. It also presents a 3 color graphic to indicate the progression state. 6 different progressions are showed and you can choose the more suitable one.

For example, in roulette, the casino bonus does not allows bet to colors, but that is not a problem because with this app you can plan any kind of bets as the 6 number bet or line. From theory, it is well know that a line is repeated each 20 roulette spins. If the adequate moment is choose and the bet is planned with 26 attempts, the probabilities of getting profits are incremented.

Even though a well planned bet is helpful to get profits, this is not a miracle app. If your are looking for a miracle app, this is not for you. To get profits patience and time are needed.

This app is completely free, it helps to plan a betting secession, graphics results and is useful during losing streaks. It can be used in any kind of bets. Getting profits now is easier.

Nobody has to pay for this app, since its purpose is to help newbies gamblers to get profits. Download it, prepare your bets and win money.

Think twice, bet once, win a lot of money.

P.S. This app is free, allows compare among different progressions, monitor the bet and is useful to take decisions during a losing streak. Download now and make money.

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