Instructions of use:

Results are obtained in four steps

    Get progressions:

  1. 1) Choose the bet type. Then go to step 4. If your bet is not in the list, go to step 2.
  2. 2) Enter the casino data:
    -Minimum and maximum bets of the casino.
    -Casino payout: The format is the same used to define roulette payments (X to 1 or X:1). You can use an odd converter to transform your odds into the correct format.
  3. 3) The money you have and the initial bet.
  4. 4) Press the buttons of the progressions you want to compare. Please note that due to the casino payouts, some progresions are very similar.

  5. Compare results (BET OR NOT BET IS UP TO YOU!):

    Follow the progression:

  6. 5)Once you have choosen a progression. Press "One by One" button.
  7. 6)If you win, press the button "win" and start over again. The color of the letters will change indicating the progression stage. Green is ok, yellow is a warning and red is danger.

  8. The Main idea is to compare progressions and choose the largest one, so you will have more oportinities to win!.

Think twice, bet once, win a lot of money.